QualSights “Do Not Sell” Policy Statement

1. In General

QualSights provides a feature-rich platform which facilitates a variety of consumer research activities (e.g. video sessions, live in-person fieldwork, etc.). In order to participate in such research activities, all research participants (individuals) and all customers (companies) must understand and consent to how our service works – and how we manage the personal data that may be generated. These details are explained in our Privacy Policy (https://www.qualsights.com/privacy-policy/).

Here is the most important thing for you to understand:

Except for the contractually defined sharing of information among our research participants and customers (as described below) QualSights does not sell the personal data of our site users to third parties.

2. When Our Customers are the Data Controllers

In the great majority of cases our customers use our platform to collect and process consumer behavior information (which often includes some personal data) from volunteers who have been engaged directly by that customer for this purpose. We refer to the individual participants as “Research Participants”; and the data which are collected/processed by the platform are “Participant Personal Data”.

Here is what you should know:

  • QualSights does not control the Participant Personal Data that is collected by our customers via our service;
  • QualSights does not use Participant Personal Data for any purpose other than to fulfill the relevant customer agreement(s); and
  • QualSights does not sell customer-collected Participant Personal Data (alone or aggregated) to any third party.

Our customers are obligated to follow the requirements of applicable law for all Participant Personal Data; Research Participants should contact customers directly with all concerns or questions.

3. When QualSights is the Data Controller

In a small number of cases, we may engage Research Participants directly for consumer research projects for which the results will be made available to one of more of our customers. As discussed in our Privacy Policy, in such circumstances QualSights is the data controller, and we refer to these kinds of engagements as “Direct Engagements”. In Direct Engagements, individual research participants may voluntarily choose to participate in a research project, and participation is based on their express consent.

Here is what you should know:

  • Participation in Direct Engagements is purely voluntary;
  • If you would like to learn more about how Direct Engagement personal data may be shared with customers, please review the relevant section of our Privacy Policy (see Section 4);
  • We will not share any Participant Personal Data arising from a Direct Engagement with any party other than our customers; we share those data only for consumer market research activities; and all customer engagements are subject to express contractual obligations that are designed to maintain the privacy of the data; and
  • If you want to withdraw your consent for such use of personal data, you can do so at any time (please just contact us at privacy@qualsights.com)