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Visual Insights that are
Fast Authentic Real-Time Global

Only 8% of global consumers consider themselves to be brand loyal. At no point in time has it been more critical to develop products that stand out in a sea of options… help consumers form emotional connections with your brand… and deliver a better customer experience than your competition. It’s no longer enough to understand WHAT consumers are doing, you need to understand WHY. Engage with consumers through an agile insights platform that allows you to see their behaviors, hear their feedback and understand their emotions in the most authentic way possible. This is customer listening redefined and at global scale.
Brand Loyal Consumers

Deeper Insights. None of the Usual Sacrifices.

You no longer need to sacrifice speed, agility and scale for quality, depth and authenticity in your insights. Our visual insights platform brings you a cost-effective, digital parallel to being there in person.


Interact with consumers remotely via QualSights while they are in-home, in-store or anywhere in between. Hear their feedback in-the-moment and witness their actions through video without influencing behavior. Traditional survey methods can result in poor quality data, even fraudulent survey responses. Some sources have shown fraudulent response rates as high as 30%, while just a few percentage points can determine the fate of an idea. With video, you can verify there’s a real person on the other end, ready to provide you with real answers in real-time.


From start to finish, QualSights’ agile platform provides you with the tools you need to dramatically speed up your time to insight. Quickly recruit targeted consumers from all over the world up to 70% faster than before. Capture data fast and have your data ready to analyze almost instantly with automated, AI-powered reports and analysis dashboards. Our AI becomes your virtual assistant, completing the most tedious parts of data prep within minutes instead of hours or days. This leaves you with more time for what matters most, strategic analysis and building actionable insights.


Reach more people in more places around the world without dealing with expensive and time-intensive travel. Connect with a larger sample of your target consumers through self-moderated videos and support for over 100 languages. QualSights is the only platform to offer always-on video feedback for Retail and first of its kind automated delivery of category-level insights and qualitative benchmark scores for CPG. Experience true global scalability for qualitative insights in a world where markets are more connected than ever.


Go beyond the focus group facility and interact with your customers wherever they are experiencing your product or service, all from the convenience of your desk. Use the world’s strongest insights platform with flexibility to capture ANY media (LIVE video, recorded video, photos, audio), from ANY camera device (smartphones, computers, wearables, video kiosks, and more), with ANY methodology. QualSights makes it possible for companies to have a single truly integrated platform for all their visual insights needs.

Experience the future of consumer insights

How it Works



Quickly find targeted respondents worldwide


Capture any type of media while shopping or at home


Dramatically faster analysis through powerful AI


Easily create compelling visual presentations

Platform Capabilities

All-in-One Solution

Conduct research using any method including mobile ethnography/diaries, video surveys, digital interviews, concept tests and more

Flexible Data Capture

Connect with consumers and collect research data through smartphones, laptops, hands-free cameras or AV equipment

Any Media Type

Capture any form of media including LIVE videos, recorded videos (with NO limit on length), photos and audio

Powerful AI Analysis

View transcripts, translations, keywords/topics, sentiment/emotions, visual objects/scenes and reports within minutes

LIVE Mobile Video

Remotely observe and interact with consumers in real-time through their smartphone with unmatched reliability

Visual Presentation Builder

Bring insights to life through built-in tools for easy drag and drop creation of highlight reels and visual presentations

Ultra Fast Recruiting

Recruit high quality participants from anywhere in the world in record time with integrated recruiting options

Blend Quant & Qual

Blur the lines between quant and qual by using blended methods that combine speed & agility with depth & authenticity

Bridge Physical & Digital

Complement physical world insights with understanding of digital behavior using in-built smartphone screen capture